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How to buy a diamond

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and the perfect way to celebrate your special occassion.

Unlike any other gift you may give, diamonds represent your deepest emotions for the one you love and remain the eternal symbol of love between two people.

At Diamond Bespoke we are committed to making your selection of a diamond an enjoyable and easy to understand experience and we offer a free guide to selecting the perfect diamond when you contact us.

A large selection of diamonds are available to suit your own budget and a big part of our service is to educate you on pricing compared to cut, colour, clarity and carat size the 4'C's.

We want to ensure that you select a cut which maximises the 'Sparkle' brilliance of the stone, that the colour does not have a yellow or brownish tint and that the clarity 'imperfections' are not visible to the naked eye.

We take pride in helping you to find your ideal and unique diamond which is high on all the 4C's but doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

Buying a diamond is a very special moment in your life as it usually represents a gift to show your love and commitment for another person.

Diamond Bespoke recognise that a diamond engagement ring needs to be perfect when you propose to the one you love. A ring to celebrate a special anniversary in the form of a three-stone 'trilogy' representing your past, present and future love together or a multiple stone eternity ring needs to have diamonds of a consistent cut, colour, clarity and carat size.

Whatever your special occasion , we can help you to make an informed choice so that your gift will be adored and cherished forever.

So please read further for a simple guide to the 4C's of a diamond and take the opportunity to contact us for a free diamond guide which answers the most frequently asked questions.


The 4C's of a diamond

The Cut of a diamond determines it's brilliance, diamensions and finish. A great amount of skill is needed to transform a rough diamond into a polished cut stone. A well proportioned diamond will make good use of light releasing its brilliance, fire and beauty. Diamond cuts range from ideal to poor and a well cut diamond is more valuable than a poorly cut stone of the same weight, clarity and colour. The Cut is the only one of the 4C's not determined by nature and we advice choosing 'good' to 'very good'.


The Colour of a diamond is graded using a colour scale from 'D' being white and completely colourless to 'Z' containing high level tones of yellow or brown. The closer a diamond is to 'D' the brighter and more valuable it becomes. Generally on the high street the diamond colour used is H/I (between H and I on the colour scale) which is regarded as a commercial colour.


The Clarity of a diamond refers to the natural imperfections it contains called 'inclusions' . These are ranked on a scale of perfection ranging from 'FL' flawless to 'I' inclusions. The clarity grade is based on how many and how pronounced these inclusions are. Diamonds with inclusions that are visible to the naked eye are graded I1 to I2 and those with slight inclusions are graded SI1 to SI2. Diamonds that are very slightly included are graded VS1 to VS2 and very, very slightly included VVS1 to VVS2. The fewer the inclusions the more rare and valuable the diamond becomes. We advise a diamond clarity of SI or below which have no inclusions visible to the naked eye.


The Carat weight of a diamond is measured in carats with a carat being divided into 100 points, so 50 points would be half a carat. A selection of diamonds with the same carat weight can look different in size due to the proportions when being cut with more weight being at the bottom of the stone than the top, which is more visible. The higher the carat weight the more valuable the diamond becomes. We have specialists who select the best proportions based on the carat weight chosen and we recommend, based on your budget, not compromising your colour and clarity for size.


Here at Diamond Bespoke, we like to add a 5th C which is Confidence in the diamond you are buying through our highly skilled and knowledgeable team supported by an unbiased diamond grading report from an internationally recognised body.


We try to give as much assistance as possible on the 4C's of a diamond, but we like to go further with our free diamond guide which answers your most frequently asked questions.


To receive your free guide contact us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are cut in a variety of shapes and sizes with the traditional being a round brilliant cut stone, a favourite for engagement rings. Other shapes have become popular when proposing with the square princess cut and rectangular emerald cut growing in popularity.


The traditional trilogy ring representing your past, present and future together was set with three round brilliant cut stones. A trend for three princess cut stones or a centre stone shape with two different but matching outside stones has developed more recently.


An eternity ring, a symbol of your eternal love for one another can consist of five, seven or a full band of stones with alternate shapes being popular. Most would choose the stone shape which represents and matches the shape of their engagement ring but the option to mix and match is now available.


The shape of a stone and setting is a personal choice based on the look required. Before deciding on the shape you should be familiar with the 4C's of a diamond and we offer a free quide when you contact us.


Coloured Diamonds


Coloured diamonds are exceptionally rare and very popular with the celebrities and Hollywood movie stars. Unlike white diamonds which continue to have a steady flow through nature, fancy colour diamonds contribute less than 1% of the quantity of rough diamonds being cut and polished. The two favourite colours among the celebrities are blue and pink diamonds.

Ben Affleck chose a 6.1 carat pink diamond to propose to Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham bought Posh a $1.8 million pink diamond ring.


In order to classify a coloured diamond as natural, they are certified by a gemological institue such as the GIA, HRD or IGI. A certificate accompanies the diamond showing the weight, shape, clarity, polish and symmetry. The Cut of a coloured stone is polished in a different way to a white diamond to emphasise its colour. When the Colour is more prominent such as a fancy blue or pink stone they are considerably more expensive than having a tint of colour. Coloured diamonds are graded on a scale ranging from light to fancy dark and fancy vivid, the stronger the colour the higher the price.


At Diamond Bespoke we have expert partners who can recommend the ideal coloured diamond for you all with the official certification.


Our Ethical Policy


We operate ethically, honestly and with integrity. Our diamonds are from personal, trusted and legitimate sources that we have established throughout our years of trading to prevent the threat of conflict diamonds entering the country.


These relationships we have developed with our partners are valued and permanent as will be our relationship with you.

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